TreeTown Seeds


TreeTown Seeds are bred in California and are for medical use only. This site provides information only.

You can not order seeds through this site. This site will not ship seeds.

“We Breed for Breeders”

At TreeTown Seeds we concentrate on creating a Complete Plant when we create each strain and each strain must meet strict standards and testing. We provide detailed grow reports, and statistics on all of our strains to ensure that the patient will achieve the best results possible.

TreeTown Seeds also strives to be very environmentally conscious. Our breeders have created an exclusive aeroponic system, which uses only 25% the water and fertilizer than a conventional system. This creates less runoff and less waste in our environment. Our dedication, and knowledge is evident in every unique piece of genetic perfection we create. You will be able to see, feel, and taste the difference. Welcome to TreeTown!

For over 18 years TreeTown Seeds has been growing, breeding, and harvesting medical Cannabis. We provide the highest quality genetics grown under rigorous standards in order to best serve the medical breeding and growing community. TreeTown Seeds promotes genetic quality, by only producing non-feminized seed stock derived from non-feminized plants. This will ensure that no undesirable genetic traits make it into a patient's medicine, and also provides males which will make it possible, for patients to make their own creations.