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Frequently Asked Questions:

Genetics 101 & Terms

 F1,F2,F5's and IBL's what is the difference and what's that mean?

A- Put simply, a F1 is the result of the final parent crossings 1st seed set. The F2 would be the seeds from the F1 crossed together , and so on. A F1 will have both parents represented in the seed stock. A F5 will have little variance, very uniform, and very similar to the parent line. A IBL stands for In Breed Line. This is when over 90% of all seeds share the same traits, and growth patterns. So in short F1's will give you some variety in phenos, and a F5 will give you very similar plants. Beyond F5's and F6's you start to find that sometimes genetic redundancies, and loss of vigor happen. We try to only create up to F1's to F3's for this reason, and to insure that you have a stable seed backup.


 Pheno, whats that?

A- A Pheno simply, is a set of traits that define a group of plants, from 2 different parents of the same seed set. Example: Lets say we crossed, Haze x Afghani #1. The haze is 100% Sativa, the Afghani #1 is 100% indica, and together they make a 50/50 mix of both. 1 pheno in those seeds would be plants that exhibit mostly sativa, "Haze" traits. That would be the "Haze or sativa" pheno. The same would be for, both the "Mostly Indica or Afghani #1" pheno, and the 50/50 mix of both, being the Seed Strains pheno itself.


 Why are all of your "Breeder Basics" packs F1's?

A- F1's are the best way to be able to pick a individual genetic pheno. F3 and above packs will exhibit a similarity that we were ideally breeding for. Seeds of a F1 cross, of lets say Kush #1 (Hindu Kush x Afghani #1) ideally in theory, would exhibit  to have 25% mostly Hindu Kush phenos, 50% evan mix (Kush #1) phenos, and 25% Mostly Afghani#1 phenos. This gives you 3 Phenos to individual and pick from to suit your needs, for your breeding project. Over 80% of all seed stock sold by most company's is mainly F1 stock.


 Do all Cannabis Strains breed really well together?

A- No, not all Cannabis go together well. Pure Sativas and Pure Indicas might have to be crossed more times, to create a stable stock. More work has to go into a project like that. Crossing 2 Pure Indicas together has much more probability of having a better combination outcome, with less crosses to stabilize, if any. The same also generally applies to 2 Pure Sativas crossed together. Every strain is different in it compatibility, and it Dominate and recessive traits.


 Dominate and Recessive traits whats that mean?

A- Dominate traits have a greater likelihood of passing the trait to the next generation. Recessive traits that are present in the parent plant, wont be as likely to be passed, or have a low percentage of the recessive traits in the next generation. Plants are usually designed with mostly these traits in mind, to make it harder for copycat breeders to come out with a stable F2 stock of their own.


 So do you breed for Recessive genes or dominate and what’s that mean for me?

A- We breed for seeds to have the most stable and true outcome. We incorporate as many dominate genes as we can, to insure your breeding project will carry with it ,the traits you wanted to pass down to the next cross. We know that this will mean our strains might have more "knock offs" than the next guy, but like TreeTown says "You can can copy, but you can't replace the original". For this reason we don't release any strain crossed by itself from another bank other than landraces, and banks that are not releasing stock anymore.


 Are there any instructions on how to grow your strains?

A- All grow reports, fertilizer strategy, and tips are located on the bottom of each description of the strain on our strain page, as soon as the strain is released.